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I consider it my civic duty to notify all those who care about the heads of residents Slobozhanshchina creative militia mayhem, the direct performers, the people of his victims.

Major-general Konstantin Vladimirovich Maslov - from 1995 to 1997 - a modest substitution avenger Chief of Staff of the Kharkiv regional police department. Since 1997, the Chief UVDT in rail transport (general officer). Urgent gets promoted to major general, and from December 1998 to the end of 2002 - Chief of police of the city. It was in this capacity he signed the first two "unsubscribe" to my requests. As I suspect is K. MASLIY advised to contact the Major Konivtsu Exercise. ext. security area with false reports on me. During the period of management by the police of the city, Kharkov murder and two collectors and assistant deputy Feldman - Kopyla (so far all is not disclosed).

From 2003 until the summer of 2005 - K. MASLIY head OHS field. Over the years, none of "werewolf in uniform" was not convicted. All everybody away with it. The fact that the city of Kharkiv Cop proudly speak policemen. Under the "roof" KA oil is shops selling fireworks. It was he who "broke the" opening of a shop in the center "barabashovskogo market."

K. oil is friendly with former Chairman of Concern AVEC Matvey Rafaelovichem Holstein (owner of the store pyrotechnics), which now, as I suspect, not without the help of K. Maslov, buys the police part of the stadium "Dynamo". At the same Holstein in 2005, by private car, officers Volchanskiy district police found and seized 4, firing bursts, Kalashnikov, and in his homes found illegal shooting. And although the investigation department opened a criminal case - it is not going away, but police who found assault rifles and shooting discovered - from the police fired.

And their outside connections and protection racket "K. Muslim who is reasonably suspected brothel in content and execution indecent assault against young boys in the paper "New Style" № 6 April 2005.

In category "Document" a letter from former police officers to support this.

KV MASLIY acquired in 2005 in a two-story apartment house on the street Olminskogo 13 Area 136 m2, produces maintenance work on the second floor and attic. By the way one sq ft in this area is currently in thousands of U.S. dollars.

Currently KV oil is deputy chief of regional police department, while the Chief of Staff and head of personnel policy. About pursued them "personnel policy" and most of these frames, see the section "Document".

Son of General OILS - Dennis K. Oil - made over two years a dizzying career of a lawyer the second class to first class, and lawyers from the deputy chief of JI regional prosecutor's office to the head of a different department, but at the same time has a ratio of a private definition of an appellate court and the findings of Poltava prosecution of the unpleasant "tricks" for emergency Kolesnichenko SV.

He goes to the son of a general class of Mercedes 'E', married the daughter of a former President of the Court of Appeal of the Kharkiv region VO Bryntsova (currently Judge of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine).

Sirota, Alexander V. representative of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kharkov region. Simultaneously, the assistant deputy of Ukraine of STC NV Karnauha. He received in 2004 from 330 thousand hryvnia LLC Ukrspetsprom "for allegedly" providing information and legal services (not being himself a lawyer) and passes the defendants in the criminal case № 10050028 on the grounds of Art. 190 Part 4 QA Ukraine.

Igor Senchuk Lieutenant Colonel prior to September 2003 the Chief of the Kiev district department, currently chief Odzhonikidzevskogo police department. That he had signed documents stating that the officers of the Kiev district department were recertified and are worthy to wear epaulettes.

At present, the available reliable information in Ordzhonikidzevsky PO KSU Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kharkiv region in reconciling the observed loss of a significant amount of investigative (detective-search cases).

In addition, in the same district department lost secret logbook assignments to carry out the imperial measures operational and technical management of Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kharkiv region.

Chief Ordzhonikidzeh PO KSU Senchukov II not without the help of KV Maslov, taken urgent steps to restore these investigative and restoration of the lost journal to conceal the facts and avoid responsibility for the loss of secret documents.

As a result of thoughtless human resource policies of the Minister of Internal Affairs Yuri Lutsenko V., appointed as one of the leaders of Internal Affairs of Kharkiv region is far from professional, man, do not worry about the protection of citizens against crime, but more about how to cover up crimes committed by werewolves in epaulets residents Slobozhanshchina afraid to go to the police and militiamen.

All this happened as a result of reckless replace individual professional expertise to amateurs. Willy-nilly Minister Yuriy Lutsenko beheaded Kharkiv police. He did what Stalin did to the generals of the armed forces before World War II. Do not destroy them physically.

The former head of the Kiev GSBEP RO militia AA Bags recently transferred to the post of deputy head of OHS in the Kharkov region firmly promised YA Konivtsu take it with you, thus saving on the possible problems associated with false reports and the backing of minimizers. The question of transfer of AA Kulkina and subsequently YA Konivtsa agreed with the head of the Department of Homeland Security MIA AV Novikov.

Konivets Major GSBEP Kiev RO militia. Has a four-room apartment (made out to his wife), a prestigious car - framed by his wife), a huge shop (designed by her mother).

Photos related to this issue can be found in "Photoarchives".

And in conclusion.

I thought for some time whether to write about that now write? However, the situation in Kharkiv composed in such a way that can not be silent.

Through KV Maslov (nicknamed "Party Secretary"), my son Sergei from 1995 to 1998, decided to "other issues" with the police. The main thing was - "the price issue."

People were jailed and released, criminal cases were opened and closed. In KV Oils were enormous respect for all police departments, and the rank of general and a desire to take the place of chief of police of the city, demanded huge money. MASLIY receive them and working out the ".

Later KV MASLIY sights on the position of Chief of OHS in the Kharkov region. This necessitated a more costly, but worth it. In MASLIY happened.

In two years 'impeccable' service - apartment in the prestigious area of the city, renovated, elegant furniture, a Mercedes from his son and something likely to remain "on the pocket." However, not everyone was so much cloudless in the general, and KV MASLIY moved in the summer of 2005, the Chief of Staff. Regional administration yet by any means trying to move it to the post of chief of regional police.

Stanislav Batozsky

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